Safety Management System (SMS)


Our safety management system and approach are structured around our robust reporting system, targeted inspection reports, user-friendly forms and rapid deployment of equipment and personnel, offering our clients a high level of assurance in operating, inspecting, monitoring and maintaining the key airside facilities. ASOI use a customized web-based aviation safety management system tool that allows operators and airports to manage their safety, security, compliance and quality issues based on ICAO, IS-BAO, Transport Canada and FAA requirements and advisory material.

Our integrated system facilitates ICAO Compliance, based on ICAO SMS four pillars:

  • Safety Policy;
  • Risk Management;
  • Safety Assurance; and
  • Safety Promotion

ASOI maintains a safety management system for all activities and facilities under its control ensuring a low level of risk will be attained by:

 and is committed to:

  • promote a safety culture;
  • provide its employees with essential information and training to foster their participation in attaining the safety objectives;
  • subscribe to a non-punitive program for employees reporting events and cooperate in safety hazard investigations.
  • reducing risks of accidents and incidents to persons on apron areas;
  • reducing the risks of damages to airplanes, equipment, and facilities caused by wildlife or by any type of construction, maintenance, and operational activities. 
  • provide dashboards and Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs)