Capture, analyse and share the information you need

 ASOI uses one of the world’s leading tracking systems to provide unique vehicle monitoring and control, offering complete and around the clock surveillance of vehicle movement in your airside. With real-time reporting and a steady supply of detailed information on the location, speed, safety behavior and use of the vehicle, you can decide what actions to take to enhance safety awareness, act proactively and avoid incidents, and build first-class reporting systems according to international standard combined software and hardware solutions monitor and analyze almost all aspects of the vehicle’s operation to enhance safety awareness and monitor your safety oversight inspectors. With GPS tracking equipment and sensors installed in the vehicle, an online account is configured to receive data transfers. This data is sent to your secure account and processed into an easily read report to be viewed on screen or printed for your review and analysis.


The system not only monitors vehicle functions and operator-controlled actions, but it also acts as a baseline for any hazard identification procedures. The data can be generated from any type of vehicle without any additional devices required and without affecting vehicle warranty due to installation. The system exists in desktop and mobile (iOS and Android) versions, using the latest ISO-standard technology to monitor and measure the performance your vehicles and assure the safety of their operators.



Data that is captured and read

  • Date/Time
  • km/h
  • Location(s), travel history and routes
  • DIN, DOUT, AINT I/O information
  • 1-Wire for Temperature and Driver Identification
  • Mileage / Virtual Odometer
  • Mileage / Virtual Odometer
  • Voltage / Battery Voltage
  • Movement
  • Operator identification

The Benefits to the Client

Cost and time savings by complete real-time monitoring and control of vehicle operations with unlimited long term data storage and retrieval.

Emergency response system detects unforeseen position or runway intrusion, and errors displayed by the on-board computer.

Special driver identification keys, creating accountability and improved incident management.

Hot button emergency alarm for the driver to quickly alert the traffic control center and manager. Option to support driver by remotely blocking the vehicle’s engine and track the vehicle’s status.

Complete information-gathering, including location, route history and changes to patterns or fuel level, speed, working time, idle duration, start and stop time, and mileage, among others.

Provides reliable hazard identification tools and acts as a basis for a risk analysis and assessment.

Instant signals on events for quick response such as arrival at destination, speeding, discrepancy, theft, speeding and other events.

Enhances vehicle maintenance by monitoring and reporting scheduled technical inspection of the vehicle, replacement of lubricants, oil and other issues.

Can report on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and fuel usage per vehicle and provide analysis for the entire fleet.